Post Doc lncRNA and Cancer in France

Post-Doctoral Fellowship - lncRNA and Cancer in France (Brittany, Rennes).

In the context of the state regional strategy in Brittany (SAD) our teams benefit from a post-doctoral fellowship to develop and finalize an original discovery that we made in the context of human B cell differentiation into plasma cells. After large genomic screening and functional ad hoc experiments, we identified a pro-oncogenic lncRNA with a high potential of interest for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma and Plasmablastic lymphoproliferative diseases. A patent has been deposited at INSERM Transfert, a private subsidiary of Inserm public research agency, that will accompany our development.
The project relies on a bench of previous work done by the teams involved in this program (see website below).
Missions: 1) To finalize the characterization of molecular effects of this lncRNA using state-of-art genomic tools on human cell lines, primary normal B cells, myeloma primary cells, and 2) To study therapeutic effects of an antisense oligonucleotide that can silence the activity of the specific pro-oncogenic lncRNA.
This project is part of a collaboration and a gathering and sharing of skills between several partners who share a common sense of purpose. Partners:  Thierry Fest (UMR INSERM 1236, Rennes); Gilles Salbert (UMR CNRS 6290, IGDR, Rennes); Jérôme Moreaux (CNRS UMR 9002-CNRS-UM - Institute of Human Genetics & CHU de Montpellier); and David Gilot (UMR CNRS 6290, IGDR, Rennes). Direct supervision of the project will be done by David Gilot and Thierry Fest and the work done in both labs, localized in the same campus, that have complementary tools and skills: pharmaceutical skills and lncRNA expertise for the first one, and primary B-cell biology plus functional analyses for the second. English is the commonly used language in the lab. 
Profile: the post-doctoral candidate will have excellent knowledge on cell and molecular biology, have experience in RNA biology, and good knowledge in gene regulation analysis. Would be appreciate knowledge in bioinformatic and B cell immunology.
Eligibility: to have stayed less than 18 months in France in the last 3 years. Position open for French, for people form European Community and people outside Europe.
Contract: the post-doctoral fellow will be employed by INSERM for an initial contract of 24 months. Salary: 2200 to 2500 € per month, depending on previous experience. Contract start: January 2nd/2020.
Contacts, both PI: CV, research tracks and details on skills are required
Thierry Fest,
David Gilot,
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