1. Post-Doctoral position : Characterization of functional heterogeneity of infiltrating lymphoid stromal cells in follicular lymphoma: Toward a single-cell approach. (Rennes, France)
  2. Post-Doctoral position : in Immuno-Oncology (Rennes, France)

Post-Doctoral position : Characterization of functional heterogeneity of infiltrating lymphoid stromal cells in follicular lymphoma: Toward a single-cell approach. (Rennes, France)

Project and environment:
An 18-months postdoctoral position is available in the INSERM U1236 research UNIT headed by the Pr. Karin TARTE. The research interest of the unit is focused on the Physiopathology of B-cell lymphoma.
In this aim, the research project of the team is divided in two axes: i) study of normal B cell differentiation and deregulation of these mechanisms during lymphomagenesis, ii) study of lymph node microenvironnement and in particular lymphoid stromal cells, myeloid cells and follicular helpher T-cells and deregulation of their counterparts during lymphomagenesis. The proposed project, belong to this second axis and aimed to better characterized the functional heterogeneity of lymphoid stromal cells in follicular lymphoma. In order to do that, single-cell approach will be used to characterized heterogeneity of lymphoid stromal cells in a physiological and pathological context. we will first construct a backbone of lymphoid stromal cells heterogeneity in physiological context and characterize changes that occurs in follicular lymphoma in order to identify new cell subsets. We will then characterize their functionality and especially their capacity to sustained FL-B cell growth by various approaches (molecular, cellular, epigenetic). This project will help us to better understand the physiopathology of follicular lymphoma and pave the way to new therapeutic strategy.
Candidate research objectives:
-Purify lymphoid stromal cells
-Perform single-cell RNA-seq
-Participate to the analysis with a bio-informatician already recruited
-characterize by various approach cell subset that will be identify
Candidate profile:
-Skill in cell biology and molecular biology
-Skill in cell cytometry and cell sorting
-Interest for bio-informatic analysis
-Knowledge in Immunology and cancerology
-Be able to do after work after hour (for patients’ sample that need to be process fresh)
-Must have worked 18 months outside France during the last 3 years.
-Should start before June 2019
Candidate should send:
-Brief statement of the motivation
-Two contacts information for recommendation.
To Dr. David ROULOIS and Pr. Karin TARTE and


Post-Doctoral position : in Immuno-Oncology (Rennes, France)

Project and environment :
A 2-year postdoctoral fellowship funded by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) (salary depending on the previous research experience) is available in Rennes within the INSERM U1236 unit (Microenvironment, Cell Differentiation, Immunology, and Cancer).
Our overall interest is the understanding of host/tumor interface in B-cell lymphomas. Preliminary studies from the lab have identified a key role for T follicular helper cells (Tfh) as tumor-supporting cells. In order to further evaluate the significance of these findings, we plan now to better decipher the mechanisms of the crosstalk between Tfh and B cells within invaded lymph nodes and bone marrow using newly established mouse models and large series of patients.
Candidate research objectives and profile :
The applicant should be a highly motivated scientist with a solid background in immunology. Complementary training in relevant disciplines (oncology, cell signaling, cell biology…) would be a strong added value. Propensity to work with mice is mandatory. Skills in RNAseq (including single-cell analysis), multicolor flow cytometry, imaging, would be appreciated but each of them is not strictly required.
Successful applicant will join a multidisciplinary team located within the Health Campus in Rennes ( In this environment he/she will access to state-of-the-art facilities (10X Genomics & C1_Biomark, Flow cytometry/Cell-sorting/CYTOF, microscopy platform…) for conducting this research project and to our unique lymphoma tissue bank including frozen viable samples suitable for functional analysis.
The position is available immediately.
Candidate should send:
Interested applicants should submit a CV and list of publications, a statement of research interests, and the names of two referees with contact information to Karin Tarte (